Pionin, INCI name: Quaternium-73., CAS: 15763-48-1.

It is a kind of yellow odorless crystalline powder, an acne inhibitor with antibacterial activity that can be used as a preservative with a strong ability to kill bacteria, Staphylococcus, E. coli, etc., and has a antiseptic property better than parabens. It can also inhibit melanin production. Clinical studies have shown that its MIC for P. acnes is 0.00002%, and the rash can be reduced by 50% after two weeks of use. 0.1ppm of dosage can completely inhibit the formation of melanin, which is better than kojic acid. It is highly safe with good heat and light stability and pH stable between 5.5 to 8.0. Low required dosage makes it very cost-effective. Purinin has strong antibacterial and anti-melanin effects and is effective even in low dosage.


Scar-Zero is a new scar repair product that can effectively prevent and treat skin scars. With advanced genomics and proteomics technology, the product is manufactured by extracting core factors related to skin repair in human proteins through the online activity screening technology and genetic recombination technology. Various factors cooperate and restrict each other, forming a complex regulatory network, regulating cells to maintain normal oxidative stress levels, and controlling micro-inflammation in the skin. It guides the proliferation of epidermal and dermal cells, and prolongs the self-regenerating function of keratinocytes to fundamentally reverse the aging process of skin cells. The unique repair factor can help the skin produce a large number of active matters, effectively control the micro-inflammation in the skin, repair blood vessels and dermal cells, make the skin hydrated and translucent, and improve the skin gloss, softness and tenderness to render an effect of inverse age.

NanoActive CBD

NanoActive CBD, INCI: CANNABIS SATIVA LEAF EXTRACT(Hemp leaf extract), CAS: 13956-29-1.

A new liposome-encapsulated preparation with good water solubility, compatibility and stability which is easy to absorb. CBD works by inhibiting (FAAH) and increasing the content of ECS(endocannabinoid system). It has the effect of sedative, soothing, analgesic, antipruritic, repair, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammation, sterilization, anti-acne (especially suitable for oily acne skin; better effect if used with NanoActive r-Retinoate), and inhibiting excessive secretion of sebum. Studies have shown that cannabinoids have important medicinal value for skin diseases. Hemp leaf extract can significantly reduce skin inflammation and regulate skin immune function, and has a good therapeutic effect on non-specific dermatitis, itching, rosacea and other skin diseases.


NanoActive HPR

NanoActive HPR, INCI name: Hydroxyl pinacone retinoate, CAS: 893412-73-2.

A new nano-liposomal preparation which can be absorbed better. HPR is a retinol derivative that can directly bind to cellular RARs. It has the function of regulating the metabolism of the epidermis and stratum corneum. It has anti-ageing effects, reduces sebum spillage, dilutes epidermal pigments to prevents skin aging, treats acne, and whitens skin spots. Besides the powerful effect of retinoic acid, it greatly reduces its irritation. It is mainly used for anti-aging, wrinkle prevention and acne recurrence prevention. NanoActive r-Retinoate (retinol retinate, 15498-86-9), as a vitamin A ester, has milder and less irritating properties than retinol and thus can be effectively used in anti-aging and wrinkle removing skin care products.

Puri-Xylane, INCI name: Hydroxypropyl tetrahydropyrantriol, CAS:439685-79-7

Puri-Xylane, INCI name: Hydroxypropyl tetrahydropyrantriol, CAS:439685-79-7.

A kind of highly effective anti-aging ingredients made from natural plant essences combined with biomedical achievements. Experiments have found that Puri-Xylane can effectively activate the synthesis of GAGs, promote the production of hyaluronic acid, synthesis of collagen, adhesion between the dermis and the epidermis, the synthesis of epidermal structural components as well as the regeneration of damaged tissue, and maintain skin elasticity. Several in vitro tests have shown that Puri-Xylane can increase mucopolysaccharide synthesis by up to 400%. Mucopolysaccharides have various biological featuress in the epidermis and dermis, including filling extracellular space, retaining water, promoting the remodeling of the dermal layer structure, improving skin fullness and elasticity so as to smooth wrinkles, hide pores, diminish pigmentation spots, comprehensively improve the skin and achieve a photon skin rejuvenation effect.

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Puripharm is invited to the World Health Expo to showcase the latest nanotechnology applications in the field of comprehensive health

The first World Health Expo was held at the Wuhan International Expo Center in China on 4th- 10th, April, 2019, which attracted over 4,000 companies from home and abroad and nearly 200,000 people to attend, during which the first Luojia Health Forum along with a number of high-profile and high-quality forums and other parallel ones were held.. As a member company of the Wuhan University Health Industry Alliance, Purui Bio participated in the Expo and presented the latest products at the E2-10 booth. Meanwhile, the company’s founder and Alliance Secretary General Yang Zhengmao participated as a guest speaker in the first Luojia Health Forum, sharing the latest strategic cooperation and new tech breakthroughs of the company with regard to the opportunities and challenges in the field of medicine and health.
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